What is the FAB9 Makerspace?

We are a creative place that strengthens the in-person community.

FAB9 is a relaxed shared workshop in which members feel comfortable and to which they return time and again to socialise, to relax, and to enjoy the company of those around them.

At home, we are alone, most likely engulfed in social media and depressing news. At work, we are busy, under pressure, and regularly perform monotonous tasks. Neither of these places can offer the space we need, nor the tools and support for creative self expression.

Now, more than ever, we’ve learned the importance of physical and mental wellbeing and building meaningful relationships.

And that’s why we are here.

Our mission is to enable the universal desire to create and be well.

FAB9 is the perfect place to start a new hobby, schedule a block of free creative time, or meet likeminded people. We are open to total beginners, hobbyists, artists and creative economy businesses.

Book a discovery call today to learn how you can join our makerspace.

Join the community

FAB9 is the ideal space to create and socialise with Melbourne’s maker community.

Learn new skills

Take your making skills to the next level with our self-paced kits, classes and short courses taught by FAB9’s experienced instructors.

Unlock creative power

Tactile learning and doing – from doodling a design to woodworking – has been found time and again to boost creativity and productivity.

How Do I Get Started?

Do you want to start from the beginning?

Or do you have some experience, and a specific project in mind?

If you want to go through our onboaridng and learn the ropes and you get started, Click here 👇

I'm new to this

If you have some experience, and have a specific project in mind - You can jump a few steps and get a subscription straight away.

Schedule a 15-minutes shop talk with one of our experience techs and over a video call learn how you can get started as soon as possible

I have some experience and I have a project

The Starter Kit

The FAB9 Starter Kit is the best way to get started with your journey as a maker.

The Starter Kit is a collection of all the materials, jigs, finishes, and instructions to provide an in-depth woodworking experience and your first month access to our shared workshop is included

This project is 100% focused on using hand tools and traditional woodworking techniques - That’s why we get the heavy machinery done in-house before you get started. No noise, no dust.

Along the way, you won't be making by yourself. Enjoy the company of other makers working on the same projects and have access to our technicians help whenever necessary.

Start with our Starter Kit

Purchase one of our Starter Kits. They include all the materials, jigs and finishes to get started with woodworking. Your first month of makerspace access is included with the Starter Kit.

Join our digital platform

Join our digital platform and connect with other makers and hobbyists. Start learning about materials, techniques, and tools.

Come over to the makerspace

With your starter kit you have one month of access! Come over to the makerspace and get to know other makers that will be working with you along your journey.

Take your time and follow the steps

Follow our step-by-step guides and work through your project. This project is designed in a way that you'll be exposed to fundamental woodworking tools and techniques that you can use in future projects.

Join our group making sessions

There's no better way to meet new people than through shared interest! Join our weekly group making sessions and get all the help you need to work through your project.

Keep the momentum going!

As you finish your project, you can select another project from our library, or work on your own ideas!

Ready to get started? Simply sign-up here and select the Starter Kit bundle

Start your journey

What to expect as a member?


Our purpose-built workshop features curated machines, giving you access to a wide range of techniques and processes.

Tool Library

We have a range of power and hand tools to suit the needs of every maker, from beginner to expert.

Project Templates

Not sure how to get started? Choose from our selection of project templates and follow a step-by-step plan to achieve amazing results in no time.

In-house expertise

Take advantage of our staff’s wide range of expertise and skills, from hands-on making to using CAD/CAM software.


Need extra space for storing items? We provide a range of options to keep your projects secure on-site.


We sell a range of materials on-site – from consumables to sheet metal and timber – so you can enjoy uninterrupted making sessions.


The FAB9 makerspace is made up of five distinct labs. Each lab is designed for working with different materials and making processes.

Table Saw


2140mm x 686mm working capacity. High safety standard

Mitre Saw


10 inch Saw blade. Equipped with laser lines for exact width of cut



Cutting Diameter of upto 10mm. Easy to use height & depth controls, makes clean, accurate joining



520mm working width. Industrial grade machine for consistent results



410mm x 2200mm working capacity. Industrial grade machine for precise material flatness

Drill Press


Chuck to table height of 587mm. Variable speed of 50-3000rpm for a variety of projects



400mm throat capacity. Wide working area for large timber work pieces

Router Table


Table size 813mm x 609mm. All-in-one, self-squaring router table fence system with a high-performance table top



Inboard bowl capacity of 400mm and distance between centres of 600mm

Belt Sander


150mm x 2260mm. Versatile sanding radius

Sanding downdraft table


550mm x 1000mm table Size

CNC Router

2400 x 1200mm bed size Router combo with cutter with tangential and oscillation knives - An extra fee of $50/h is applied

3D Printer

Fused filament fabrication (FFF). Easy to learn printer suitable for all skill levels

Laser cutter

50watt, 610mm x 457mm bed size, suitable for engraving and cutting - An extra fee of $25/h is applied

Sewing machine

single needle compound feed walking foot machine used for furniture, upholstery and leather works

Soldering station


Circular Saw



Hand held router


Orbital sander

Track saw


Take a virtual tour of our space

Membership Options

Memberships are targeted to makers with some level of expertise.



Price (p/month)

Price (p/month)



Access days (p/month)

Access days (p/month)



Members-only online portal

Members-only online portal

Assembly area with work purpose built work benches

Assembly area with work purpose built work benches

Power Tools Library

Power Tools library

Woodworking Hand Tools

Woodworking Hand Tools

Digital Fabrication Lab with Laser Cutter and 3D printer

Digital Fabrication Lab with Laser Cutter and 3D printer

Electronics Lab with soldering irons

Electronics Lab with soldering irons

Woodworking workshop with heavy machinery

Woodworking Workshop with heavy machinery