Course Overview

In this Maker Schole course, our team created a dynamic learning experience by partnering up with designer-maker Liam Thomas.

This online course takes you through a woodworking project step-by-step with the guidance of our expert instructor and everything you need to succeed.

Work at your own pace, from home, with our expertly-prepared Tasmanian Oak course material, hand-made jigs, and gorgeous plans handbook delivered to your doorstep.

Enjoy cinematic video lessons - Didn't master the technique the first time? Re-watch the lessons as many times as you please.

You'll also have access to our community portal with friendly technicians and fellow makers if you need extra help.

Receive all the course materials

Access our on-demand video library and support

Use your new skills to create a danish inspired side table

Meet Your Instructor

Liam Thomas is a Melbourne based furniture designer and maker.

After checking-out of the nine to five office grind back in 2005, Liam studied Furniture Making and Furniture Design and has built a career as a custom furniture designer and maker under his own brand, We Eat The Sun and as a restorer, specialising in Mid-Century design.

Gathering experience practising furniture making for well known brands in the UK and in Australia, Liam understands the importance of lifelong learning and continuous practise to hone his craft. Liam is a generous content creator who openly shares his knowledge with the maker community, having amassed over 40,000 followers.

Hear From our Students

Casey Hosking

First-time amateur woodworker

Since I started spending so much time at home, I found it really difficult to find the pretext for some me-time.
Setting some time aside for myself each day to learn something new and use my hands has been the most mindful activity I've experienced.
Going through the danish side table has really taught me to enjoy the journey and not the destination

Sam Wiechula

Architect and beginner woodworker

This course provides a great jumping-off point for getting started with woodworking

Anthony Ngo

Woodworking enthusiast

You really only get a taste of woodworking when you learn to make a table using only hand tools. It's not as easy as you might think!

Course Outline

16 Videos (1h54m)

0 - Introduction
1 - Labeling Parts
2 - Marking the lap join on the rails
3 - Cutting a lap join on the rails
4 - Marking a mortise on the legs
5 - Chiseling the mortise on the legs
6 - Marking the tenon on the rails
7 - Cutting the tenon
8 - Fitting the mortise and tenon
9 - Marking the leg profile
10 - Shaping the legs
11 - Gluing the mortise and tenon
12 - Gluing the lap join
13 - Table top lamination
14 - Finishing
15 - Assembling the stool

What you'll need

Essential HAND TOOLS

Japanese Tenon Saw
Block Plane
9mm Bevel Chisel

Get yours here
Marking out tools

Combination Square
Ruler & Straight Edge
Marking Knife

Get yours here
Marking out tools

HB Pencil
Timber Mallet
500mm F or Quick Release Clamp
Phillips head Screw Driver

Start Your Tool Library


What previous experience do I need?


You don't need any previous experience to get started.

This project was designed to guide our students through a journey of learning woodworking. Each step of the project involves traditional woodworking techniques and you’ll be able to develop some hands on feel for traditional woodworking.

You’ll gain an overall feel for the making experience and the traditional woodworking ecosystem while being exposed to the relaxing effects of working with your hands.

Do I need access to a workshop?


This project is meant to be complete with hand tools only. You don’t need access to a professional workshop.

However, you’ll have to find a surface in which you can work with. We highly recommend using a sacrificial board made of scrap timber. By doing this, you wont risk damaging anything beyond the scrap board!

Working with your hands is extremely cathartic and is the perfect pretext for your to have some “me time”. We recommend that you find a space in which you can focus on your craft and work uninterruptedly.

What materials are included with the course?


1 x Table Top (2 halves) in Tasmanian Oak
4 x Legs in Tasmanian Oak
2 x Rails in Tasmanian Oak
1 x Leg Profile Jigs
1 x Sanding Block
2 x Biscuits
2 x Clamping blocks
1 x Mortise and Tenon Jig
180 & 240 Grit sandpaper
Wax Finish
4 x Countersunk screws
PVA Glue

Does this course come with the tools?


The tools are not included with the course.

We truly believe that woodworking is a life-long journey and getting a good set of tools is as fundamental as getting your basics right!

Some of our makers already have access to a local shed, or might have some tools at home. Nonetheless, we've curated a bundle of Hand Tools Kit and Marking Kit to help beginners get started - You can find them available here at our online store.

Which tools do you need to complete the project?


9mm Bevel Chisel
Japanese Tenon Saw
Timber Mallet
Block Plane
Marking Knife
Ruler & Straight Edge
Combination Square

Do I need any machines or power tools?


For now, all of our courses focus 100% on using only hand tools.

All of the required machinery is done previously at our workshop. We use our woodworking workshop to individually plane, thicken and square all of the parts that we send over to you.

What type of timber was used for the course materials?


We work with a local mill to source certified Tasmanian oak, and we go through all of the heavy machinery in our workshop.

Working with solid timber is a complex and intricate process, that's why we process all the timber to flat it out, square it all, and get it ready to be manipulated with hand tools only.

What will I learn with this project?


This project was designed to guide our participants through a journey of learning woodworking.

Each step of the project involves traditional woodworking techniques such as:
Measuring and Marking for traditional woodworking
Using a traditional Japanese pull saw
Using a chisel
Making a mortise and tenon joint from scratch
Making a lap joint from scratch
Using a hand plane to make a leg profile
How to laminate solid timber
Glue-ups best practices and how to properly use clamps
Assembling and finishing the piece

Do I have any support while working on this project?


Absolutely! As you start your course you’ll get access to our digital platform, in which you can meet other makers and ask us questions

What if I have questions?


By joining our digital platform you’ll be able to communicate with our team and other makers working on the same project.

You can ask questions directly to the community, or check previously asked questions to see if you can find the answer to what you’re looking for.

What if I make a mistake and damage some of my components?


All the components can be purchased separately.

If you ruin a component, send us an e-mail on to order a replacement.

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