FAB9 safety induction: Laser cutter

*This induction is for FAB9 members only

At FAB9, safety is the most important thing to us - for you, your fellow makers, and our staff. We’ve designed a series of inductions that will show you the safe and effective way to use specific machines and tools in the makerspace.

Digi fab: Laser cutter Induction is essential for all FAB9 members to complete before gaining access to FAB9’s laser cutter.

FAB9 Induction: Digi fab: Laser cutter

In this instructional 1-hour Induction, you’ll be introduced to the Epilog Helix 24 laser cutter, available for use in the FAB9 Digi fab.

Teaching you the FAB9 way to work safely with our laser cutter, the session will cover the features and applications of this versatile piece of equipment, including:

  • how it functions
  • materials it can process
  • styles of laser cutting
  • how to colour map, and use different kinds of software with the laser cutter
  • how and when to use different speeds, power levels, and resolutions

Once you’ve completed this session, you’ll be able book, access, and start using the laser cutter at FAB9.